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Permanent installation at New Westminster skytrain station, New Westminster, BC.
text from onsite attribution plaque:
“The Fraser River is the defining natural feature determining New Westminster’s existence as a city and as a much older First Nations settlement. The design of the glass mural is inspired by the Fraser River and the simple paradox that it is an ever-changing yet constant presence. The images in the mural refer to the implications of this paradox in relation to historical memory and life in New Westminster now.
The mural design is composed of two main elements: black and white archival photographs of early New Westminster and overlays of brightly coloured shapes. The photos are of local flora and fauna, associated human industry, and city infrastructure. Their interaction embodies the transformation of “nature” into “resources,” and the role these resources have played in the development of an economy, political power, and culture in New Westminster. Combined with the coloured shapes, the photographic elements represent a kind of stream of consciousness, with forms flowing into one another, each thing echoing or morphing into something else. This is analogous to the way various forces transform an environment and its inhabitants into a city. These transforming agents are sometimes easy to see and sometimes they are invisible.”

New Westminster Glass Mural